Do you know how your people are really doing?

Most employee engagement tools just collect feedback or track employee satisfaction. With Howya’s easy-to-use application and insightful visual reports, we encourage organizations to also take the time to understand and reflect on their state of being on a regular basis. And most importantly, to act on helping everyone in the organization to thrive – not just survive.

Don’t let poor employee wellbeing negatively impact your business. Use our quick and easy anonymous tool to track your team’s well-being in real-time

How does Howya help your organization thrive?

  1. Individuals become more aware of their wellbeing, what drives and drains their energy and what they could do to make a change‍
  2. Team leaders and HR have continuous access to knowing how teams are doing no matter where they are working from‍
  3. Arising challenges can be identified and acted on before anything irreversible occurs

Stop guessing – start acting

Take the guessing game out of what people want and need. We create a safe place to share honest feelings and give feedback so that everyone feels engaged and happy at work. Fill in your email

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