Do you know how your people are really doing?

We believe that organizations do care about their people, a lot, but it can be difficult to find the time to check in on everyone, get the needed information to make a difference and know what exactly to do to support teams and individuals. That is why we at Howya have built an application that makes it easy and engaging for employees to track their level of wellbeing and satisfaction and communicate reasons behind it no matter where they are working from. Howya is much more than a pulse-check tool; it is a service that offers concrete actions for increasing (work)life wellbeing and satisfaction across the organization.

Howya builds caring cultures with you

The benefits of a caring workplace are crystal clear. Addressing wellbeing and employee satisfaction in the workplace increases productivity, employee engagement and commitment. Don’t let poor employee wellbeing impact your people and business negatively.

Stop guessing – start acting

Take the guessing game out of what people want and need. We create a safe place to share honest feelings and give feedback so that everyone feels engaged and happy at work. Fill in your email

to take the first step in introducing Howya to your organization.

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