Track, understand and act on your organizational wellbeing!

Do you know how your people are really doing and how you could best help them thrive?

Most employee engagement tools just collect feedback or track employee satisfaction. With Howya’s easy-to-use application and insightful visual reports, we encourage organizations to also take the time to understand and reflect on their state of being on a regular basis. And most importantly, to act on helping everyone in the organization to thrive -
not just survive.

How does Howya help you and your organization thrive?

With automated daily reminders, you can track your mood, what drains and drives you and how to boost your own wellbeing.
For Individuals
With real-time access and automated reports, team leaders understand how their team is doing and what could be done to help people thrive.
For Teams
With regular and active listening through our automated Howya app, you can increase employee engagement, wellbeing and inclusivity.
For Organizations
Get your employee experience in shape

Stop guessing - start acting

Take the guessing game out of what people want and need. We create a safe place to share honest feelings and give feedback so that everyone feels engaged and happy at work. Fill in the form below to take the first step in introducing Howya to your organization.


We are here to help you

Get to know the team behind Howya and do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions!

Alvar Lampinen - CEO
Alvar Lampinen

A strategist passionate about solving problems through communication and various frameworks!

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Tiina Tolonen - CMO & CHRO
Tiina Tolonen

A people person striving to help individuals and organizations to feel good and thrive!

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Jan Gustafsson - CTO
Jan Gustafsson

An engineer and a team leader on a mission to make the world a better place through technology!

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