We help you track, understand and act on your organizational wellbeing in real-time.

ACT: Our reports and insights help you and all the teams to act on improving employee engagement, wellbeing and sense of inclusivity.

How does it work?

We remind everyone to check in daily

Our automated daily “Howya doing?” check-in is the metric we use to measure employee wellbeing. Twice a day, the app reminds employees to share how they feel, why they feel that way and encourages them to share open comments via the app anonymously. This takes only seconds!

The scores are always in and reviewable

Our system translates the daily data into a numerical value between 1 and 5 which defines the overall state of the team and the entire organization. It is easy for all team leaders and team members to track their team’s status on a daily, weekly and monthly basis through the app via Team Dashboard.

Visual reports help understand and act

Our automatic weekly reports help team leaders and HR to understand team engagement through visual and simple charts that show how people are doing and why. And most importantly, Howya insights help in aiding people to thrive – not just survive.

Information flow made easy

Our app collects anonymous data and comments through which everyone in the organization has a voice. This will help you act on potential issues before they become bigger problems. And most importantly also to celebrate the good things.

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