We, Howya, are on a mission to build caring cultures and human-centric leadership by helping organizations track, understand and really act on the wellbeing and satisfaction of their people.

We are strong believers in the fact that you really need to know your people in order to lead them sustainably. Sustainably so that you don’t burn your people out. Sustainably so that you know how different factors impact your individuals. Sustainably so that you can quickly act on arising challenges before they become bigger, and often expensive problems. And we help you do just that – to get to know each and every person in your team in order to help them thrive. We don’t think this is just the mission of managers and HR and that is why our solutions empowers people to take ownership of their own wellbeing as well.

It is no news anymore that our ways of working have changed for good. Hybrid and remote working models have brought new and exciting challenges to leading organizational wellbeing and performance. And we want to help you solve that!

Alvar Lampinen

CEO & Co-founder

I am always up for a challenge! Whether it is developing a brand new solution, growing a business, or improving myself to the next level. There is no overnight success, but rather constant small steps are needed to make great things come true. When you put time and energy into the task at hand, anything is possible (or at least almost anything). 

When it comes to working with people, I see communication as one of the crucial parts in success. I am a firm believer that when great communication is combined with reflecting past events, performance can be improved and kept at high quality over and over again.

The same goes with improving individual, team, and organizational wellbeing, and thus Howya was founded. We have to listen our own wellbeing, reflect on it so we can understand what has created the situation at hand, and then act to improve it based on the results. Howya’s simple daily reflection has given me a reliable understanding of what drives and drains myself, and our organization right this moment.

Jan Gustafsson

CTO & Co-founder

Problem? No problem! My drive is solving the technological problems of the world one by one. The world is not ready, and technology offers the greatest tools to make the world better for everyone. The passion comes from reducing unnecessary work to make life easier, no matter if the topic is in web, robotics or hardware technology, there is always something to learn and improve. Not a surprise, as I’m an engineer.

What I want to do is to understand the problems of the users, clients, or customers, communicate the issues to my team and lead the team to its success.

During my career I have noticed that the actual wellbeing of employees is not really visible in most organizations. I think it’s crucial for organizational health that everyone is able to see the overall wellbeing and monitor it on a daily basis. Therefore, I decided to join the great journey of Howya and solve these challenges leveraging my skills in technology.

Tiina Tolonen

CMO/CHRO & Co-founder

My passion is to set individuals, teams and whole organizations up for sustainable success. For them to thrive, not just survive. Over the last 14 years I have looked after the wellbeing and performance of people in organizations of varying sizes and industries.

I am an internationally experienced HR professional and leadership coach. I have always taken holistic wellbeing very seriously in my personal life and my mission is to bring that thinking into organizations and to help people find joy, meaning and wellbeing in (work)life.

I want to put an end to the guessing game when it comes to how people are doing and what could be done to improve their wellbeing on an individual, team and organizational level. That is why I decided to join the Howya journey and be part of creating an application and a service that will help HR and team leaders know how their crew is doing. No matter where they are working from.