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Get insightful, real-time data on howya people are really doing and what you could do to help your teams thrive! What’s even better, you can do this with less money and effort than it would take you to offer them a cup of coffee. Which we do recommend doing as well because connecting with your employees on an individual level is important.

For Organizations

40€ / team / month

up to 16 team members


  • Mobile application for employees to track how they are really doing and why
  • Wellbeing tracking, understanding & acting on employee wellbeing on individual, team and organisational level
  • Insightful and detailed weekly employee wellbeing and satisfaction report for C-suite, HR and team leaders
  • Tips for understanding & acting on team and organization level based on daily anonymous employee answers

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In the demo you will learn how to:

  • Support organizational wellbeing and satisfaction through real-time data
  • Prevent burnout and quiet quitting, and
  • Improve your working environment and leadership to ensure your teams thrive, not just survive.

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